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Excise Taxes

Excise taxes are taxes typically imposed on the sale of a very specific good or service, often included in the sales price. They're meant to address potential societal impacts resulting from the sales of that product. That could be pollution and wear and tear on roads in the case of gasoline, or mental health and social equity programs for cannabis. States that currently impose an excise tax on cannabis include California, Washington, Colorado and Oregon.

Sales and Use Taxes

Most consumers are used to seeing sales taxes on their receipts. With a few exceptions around the US, all states have some form of sales tax on tangible goods. Generally speaking there will be both a state tax rate and local tax rates. When all the local tax jurisdictions are considered across cities, towns, villages and special districts there are well over 10,000 different sales tax jurisdictions making more than 700 changes to their tax rates yearly.

Business Taxes

A business tax is most often a tax on gross receipts imposed by local jurisdictions like cities, towns and counties. States like California allow cities and counties to levy their own business taxes with more or less full autonomy in how they asses the tax. That means hundreds of combinations of rules and rates. Some jurisdictions don't allow business taxes to be itemized so it's important to know the regulations in every jurisdiction a business is operating in.

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