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The cannabis industry is one of the most complex and tightly regulated in the world.

It's our job to make it simple.

Cannabis is uniquely challenged. It's an industry experiencing explosive growth yet bound by some of the most restrictive regulatory regimes in modern history.

What other industry has been forced to contend with 33 completely isolated markets within the borders of a single nation?

There is no legal cannabis industry without taxes, so collectively we've got to get this right.

We built Pact to help make sure we all get it right — industry, government and society.

Given the relative infancy of the legal market, authorities are experimenting with all sorts of regulatory and tax regimes. That means the only constant is change.

We're here to help create a future that makes legal cannabis compliance so simple that it fades into the background enabling businesses to focus on what they do best — not on compliance.

Here at Pact we have three goals:

  • Ensure safe and responsible access to cannabis across the world via sound regulation.
  • Improve the quality of life for all communities, especially for those that have been disproportionately harmed by the war on drugs, by influencing lawmakers to reinvest the resources derived from the legal market back into those communities.
  • Smooth out the regulatory speedbumps along the way.

We're honored to have the chance to work together to make those goals a reality.

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