Goodbye Strainge, Hello Pact. Read the announcement.
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Goodbye Strainge, Hello Pact

Announcing a new direction

When we started Strainge we wanted to reflect the rebellious spirit of the cannabis industry we love. The notion that cannabis was being taxed again after all these years was just so, well, strange — and terrifying given the tax regimes being put in place.

So we set out to make a scary thing tame, and thus the adorable monster was born. But now it's time for a change. Say hello to Pact.

The stigma and competing interests surrounding cannabis legalization make things tricky. While most of us would prefer not to see the price increases caused by both the tax itself, but also the cost of compliance, we believe that taxation is the linchpin of cannabis legalization. Tax revenue for state and local governments (and hopefully federal soon!) is a very compelling reason to encourage legalization, even for those that may be opposed to it now. This is true today more than ever, when COVID-19 is leaving governments with gaping holes in budgets that need to be filled to provide the services their communities require.

The success of our industry is dependent upon a relationship of trust and transparency between the three interconnected interests in the cannabis market.

Government must be fair, accountable and transparent, using the revenue entrusted to it to make our communities better places for all those that live in them.

Society must lend its compassion, tolerance and support of individual's rights to responsibly pursue health and recreation.

And the cannabis industry must take the lead as an example to other industries supporting their communities, fighting greed, innovating and providing safe access to the plant they've fought for all these years.

We feel that Strainge reflected part of these beliefs, but not all.

So we changed direction. The irreverence of the industry will always be at our core. So will the gravity of the government and the affability of society. All three are absolute requirements for the success of our industry.

Let's all make a pact — industry, society and government alike — to work together to make this industry a role model for all the others.

We're honored to be a part of it. We pledge to use our unique position to make cooperation between all these interests as smooth and easy as possible. More importantly, we commit to leveraging the knowledge and understanding we accumulate to lobby for sane and humane legislation.

We're Pact.

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