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Triple Deltas

Total cannabis tax compliance automation

Whether it's instant tax calculations at checkout, effortless reporting or automated audits — we've got you covered.

Not just another sales tax software as a service

Sales tax compliance alone isn't enough when it comes to the cannabis industry. So we built the only cannabis tax compliance platform that handles every state and local sales tax, cannabis business tax and excise tax.

It's all enabled by our API-first approach to compliance management through powerful integrations and an accessible, easy-to-use API.

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For Retailers

Manage and file accurate and audit-ready state and local sales tax, cannabis business tax, and state excise tax reports automatically with AutoReturns, our easy to use web application.
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“Small businesses in the U.S. invest up to 19 hours and two thousand dollars monthly to be compliant, and accountants spend four to seven hours each month keeping up with the constantly changing taxability rules that govern state, local and special district taxes, preparing and filing tax returns on time.”

For Government

Efficiently target and execute audits by reconciling existing cannabis tracking system data and tax reports.
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“People have got to figure out what their state and local taxes are going to look like, because the CDTFA has a much greater ability to make personal assessments after a business goes broke and shutters…”
~San Francisco Bay Area tax attorney Regina Unegovsky

For Developers

Get real-time tax calculations for every required tax directly in your application with our easy-to-integrate API. Focus on your core business and protect your customers from mistakes.
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